Depeche Mode Ticket Fiasco

Well I think so, since I didn’t get tickets. Despite sitting in front of the computer for several hours, clicking refresh to try and get into the ticket office site.

I’m pissed off for a few reasons:

1) the main reason for not getting in was due to traffic-overload. Since the site, ticnet deals exclusively with booking tickets, they should get their fucking act together and get enough bandwith! DM are not the only world-famous band to play in Sweden. Coldplay (got tickets for them, thank you) tickets also went on sale recently, and probably had the same problem. We wouldn’t know because we obtained ours another way (see below).

2) What in the world possessed ticnet to allow a purchase of 10 tickets per person. This is a stupid amount, and begging anyone who gets into the site to buy the maximum amount, then go and sell them on the black market. This is where we will have to buy our tickets, at twice their original value. At such events, 6 should be the absolute max one can buy.

3) Coldplay allowed fans who had signed up to receive their newsletters the chance to buy tickets before they went on public sale. Although this would not have stopped the problem, at least some DM fans would have been able to have got tickets (ie Jo and I).

All in all, a right balls-up. Still, when trying to get DM tickets I noticed Eddie Izzard is coming to Stockholm, so I snapped up two (I stress, two, not eight or ten). Not all bad, then.