Out With Stout, White Is Right

No, not some racist slur intended to belittle the proud Stouter folk, but a slogan I’ve penned to earn myself a (possible) little bit of extra cash in a competition. Let me explain.

Falcon, a well-known brewery in Sweden, have introduced two new beers to their assortment: Wheat and Stout. For a limited time one can go into their website and vote for your favourite and the eventual winner will become a regular brew.

Ever Since Jo introduced me to wheat-bear (Erdinger was the first, I think) I have had a taste for it, and even a wheat-bear that has has all the goodness extracted (i.e. alcohol), I still stand by its side. The latest advert gave Falcon Weiss a 2 or 3% lead. Things are hotting up in my sad, sorry life.

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