A Proud Father For All The Right Reasons

Freya has made me a proud father today, by taking two steps up the cultural ladder.

For the first time this afternoon, she actually listened to her first ABBA song, Money, Money, Money. It is not for a lack of trying that she hasn’t heard the perfect pop-songs that the Fantastic Four wrote again and again. We’ve tried on other occasions, but she simply wasn’t interested; however, with a recent interest in playing with some foreign currency we have amassed through our holidays, and with my occasional singing of Money, Money, Money when she does so, she was far more susceptible to hearing the original. She even has ABBA in her vocabulary now, having said it a number of times already.


As if this wasn’t enough, I was messing around with the blog, when she saw the (old, now defunct) icon that was attached to the Game Animal entries, pointed to it and said “Mario”. She has seen some pictures of Nintendo’s mascot, and has watched me play Super Mario on my Nintendo DS, but, even so, this is a remarkable case of recognition, especially as the icon shows Mario in his kart, and is only 32×32 pixels big.