Minor Facelift

I’ve been spending (far too much) time today searching for different icons for the nine categories we currently have. Some of them are more obvious than others, but the explanations are as follows:

Family: Mario and Luigi are brothers, of course.

Freya: Aril, sister to Link, and a young girl, like Freya.

Friends: Nintendogs And Friends is the official title to this DS game.

Game Animal: Donkey Kong is an animal, and he appears in a game or two.

Jo: Peach is a princess, too.

Jon: Which other character could I possibly take.

Links: Hehe, my favourite. It’s Link, from the Zelda series.

Site: From Pikmin, and only here because the former site icon was a beacon, and looks similar.

The Word: Goombella, from Paper Mario, is always ready with information.