A Change In Teaching

I’ve been having problems with the youngest of classes, the six year-olds, since the beginning of the school year. It has been quite arduous trying to keep control during the lessons, with a few (mainly) boys thinking it far more enjoyable to do as they wish.

Really, I should not be alone with them. Not because they are a danger to my life, but because there quite simply is not enough Jon to go around. It is a tall order to expect one person to look after fifteen or so children, especially when one considers that there are two class-teachers at other times.

I decided a while ago to change my teaching methods, and ordered some new material, which comprised of a fox hand-puppet and accompanying book. Today was Freddy’s introduction to the class, with reasonable results.

For the first five minutes the children sat transfixed to Freddy, as he appeared from his box. Things only started to disintigrate when Freddy asked everyone what their names were, always a bad moment when the children have to wait their turn.

Still, the lesson went off with no real major problems, and the kids were more than willing to attempt to speak (and listen to) English, since that is the only language Freddy understands. In fact, I’m eager to see how this year develops. The English that is taught now with such small children will/should have immeasurable effects in the forthcoming school-years.