A Cry For Help

In my Class 2 English class there is a boy who, by all accounts, is a real tearaway: a total disregard for manners, rules, other people ad infinitum. No amount of imposing one’s authority seems to have the desired effect, but the threat of a letter home to his parents literally shakes him up.

This made me suspect, along with his behavioiur in school, that something is awry; this inkling has been strengthened by a plea from the boy to another teacher, who had threatened to take the same form of action, because it would lead to a beating or kicking from the father.

Assuming that there is truth in the boy’s claim, which one must is such cases, the letter home has been abandoned for a more humanitarian approach to solving the dilemma, and one which I personally favour.

So, in the true Taoist way of dealing with things, I am now trying to appeal to the boy’s more sensitive side, giving him cuddles, talking to him about things he/I like (videogames, of course) and trying to engage him in English lessons more. I do not expect this to solve the problem, but already he has shown me a much calmer side that I knew existed.

I reckon it’s about time I tried out a few different and peaceful methods of conciliating the unrest present in my school. I have no idea how long I have left, since the headmaster/mistress are on the constant hunt for getting rid of employees they simply cannot afford, so I may as well make the most of it, and gain some personal insight into the mindset of unruly pupils.