We Are Victims

We checked our credit card status the other week and were most surprised to see the total for the month somewhat higher than expected. It turned out that someone had gained access to our Paypal account and “bought” two items for the total of $1200.

I feel like I have joined an exclusive club, and my kudos has risen in the “Internet Club”. I know of no-one else that has been subject to such fraud, and feel a bit special because of it. I say this, of course, because we have been recently credited the monies by Paypal, and suffer no lose, except that of the inconvenience of communicating with them. Even if Paypal had considered our case to be our own fault, the credit card company that we use for Paypal transactions would cover the bill with their 100% protecton against Internet fraud.

I now need to fax Paypal a utility bill with my name on it, which is impossible since all such bills are in Jo’s name. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, if their hitherto efficieny and professionalism is anything to go by.

The only part of their process that has caused raised eyebrows is the word “fax”. Do people still fax nowadays?