Father’s Day 2006

I was awoken this morning with a card that Freya had made, and breakfast in bed. The latter was appreciated more, as I had had the misfortune of drinking one more beer than was necessary the evening before whilst Jo and I continued our quest of Champions of the World (playing Pro Evolution Soccer 5). It was not, by any means, the kind of hangover that disables all social functioning, but I was rather tender and could have stayed in bed for most of the day.

Being a responsible parent, I forced myself from my cocoon and did my best to at least be in the same room as the rest of the family. Sitting did not make the best of the situation so I jogged around the flat for a while, much to Freya’s amusement. Jogging turned into vacuum-cleaning in an effort to use what little energy I had into a useful activity, and it helped a fair bit.

The rest of the day has been Freya’s, being both ill and, we believe, showing a few signs of The Terrible Twos. She has been demanding sugary foods most of the time, and hardly eaten anything that could be construed as healthy. Our fault really: we had been giving her ice-cream when she had a really bad fever, and other confectionery to keep her spirits up during her coughing fits.

We’ve been extremely lucky with Freya when it comes to tantrums. I’d been expecting the worst, but she hasn’t really shown any signs at all of throwing a fit. She’s probably showing signs of boredom with her current situation and will, we hope, return to her usual self when she goes back to nursery school tomorrow.

I feel well enough to have a beer this evening, by the way.