Two Scrumptious New Words

I came across these fantastic words today. One of them is very useable, the other will only ever be presented for its nerd-value, but both are worthy of being added to the long list of words (and their definitions) that appear in the banner of this blog:

Tittle: the dot over the letter “i”; the tiniest bit.

Lethologica: the inability to remember the right word.

At present there are just over 200 words that can be chosen from to randomly appear every time the blog is refreshed/entered. When I came up with the idea to include this “word of the day” style function I didn’t think I’d find so many that I really liked. I know, from scouring a dictionary of difficult words I have by my bed, there are a myriad words that are of little or no use (to me, anyway). I am pleased to be proven wrong, and procure great pleasure from the acquisition of a broader vocabulary, although lethologica is commonplace.

Though not in the case of lethologica, it seems.