To Chris And Tanya’s

We were all invited to Chris and Tanya’s last night, for a meal and film showing of Office Space, which Chris had suggested would be a worthwhile watch.

Freya made herself at home very quickly, and had no problem in involving our hosts in her activities. She has always had a soft-spot for Tanya, and has recently warmed to Chris, which is a nice development in her relationship with him.

During the preparatory phase of the meal I sidled to the computer to have my first proper exploration of World of Warcraft. They had shown me around the basics of the game before, chaperoning me through the on-screen menus more than the world of Azeroth. This time, though, I was truly on my lonesome, and enjoyed it as much as I had expected to.

The first levels involve the standard “kill/return” type of sub-quests, all the while unfolding the overall plot related to the Undead character I’d chosen. While it was unexceptional in its incipiency, the lush environment and “liveliness” of Undercity made for a different experience than Neverwinter Nights.

After WoWing, eating, WoWing a bit more, and eating dessert, Freya collapsed from 16 hours of being awake. Despite her desperate moanings of wanting to sleep at home, she passed out with ease, leaving the adults alone to continue the evening’s mirth.

Having watched Office Space (a decent enough film, by the way), Jo spotted an unwrapped Borat. Why they had kept it unseen is witless enough, but it had been in their possession for a couple of weeks. Unopened. Unseen.

We corrected this oversight by demanding asking for a showing. I have been planning on purchasing the DVD at some point (i.e when it comes down in price), so we were rather happy to have the to see it earlier than we’d anticipated. Suffice to say it rocked, and I have full respect for Sacha Baron Cohen for creating the character and to have the balls to put himself in peril for entertainment.

The rest of the evening (being early morning by that time) was spent chatting about all manner of things. I had succeeded in not becoming drunk (which aided sociability on my part, and the ability to wake up with Freya four hours later without feeling the effects of a hangover), leaving their place at a respectable 4.15am.