The Invasion Of “Russian” “Culture”

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has come and gone, and it is was a fiasco.

There has always been diplomatic voting, where Norway gives top points to Sweden, or Malta and Greece heal wounds by exchanging 12 points of goodwill; however this year, with the inclusion of so many former Eastern-bloc countries, it was just irritating to watch. Eight of the final top-ten countries were Eastern European (i.e. ex-Communist), as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Armenia, Hungary, Moldova, and countless others helped secure a “Soviet” victory.

Next year could see a further invasion of the East European Song Contest and, if the organisers have not found some cunning way to deal with the problem, we shall not vote. It’s not radical action, I know, but how radical can one be against a TV show? I reckon we could just not watch it, but I think that’s extremism.

We had Mattias, Linda and their youngest daughter, Mira, over to console each other by consuming obligatory alcohol (not Mira, obviously) that such events demands. Freya and Mira played well together, and didn’t fall asleep until very late (or was it early the next morning?).

Mattias and Linda finally crashed (Mattias somewhat sooner than Linda) on the sofa sometime later than the girls fell asleep, waking the next morning to headaches and croissants.