Sisterly Love

Well, it’s week nine of Jo’s pregnancy – little baby is currently about 2.5 – 3cm long (should that be tall?), with 2mm long feet – and I’m still trying not to think too much about the possibility of a sibling for Freya, in case anything goes wrong.

Freya, on the other hand, is taking it all very well. She often strokes, cuddles and kisses Mum’s tummy, which is cuteness beyond belief. She has been telling us all the things she can do to help the baby: holding its hand when we cross the road, holding it when it goes to toilet, carrying it to us when it cries, and feeding it.

Mum explained that for the first year or so she’ll be breast feeding. Freya ingeniously explained that she could put some food on her breast, and the baby could eat from there. Mum then explained that the milk she produces would be better for baby, to which Freya said nothing more.

Freya really is very keen on the idea of a brother/sister. I hope she gets one.