Foraging For Finery

The recycling room is in a bit of an over-run state at the moment, and people are apparently sill unable to have the civil courtesy to sort correctly. Another problem/annoyance is people’s willing to throw perfectly good pizza clothes in the “burnable” container, particularly when there is a huge charity shop 3 minutes’ tram ride away.

I was so displeased with this situation that I went down this evening to save a bundle of clothes from incineration, with the intention of taking them to the charity shop myself. I would have probably come away with more than one bin-bag if:

a) there would not have been the disorder that prevented me from effective rummaging;

b) I hadn’t been scared away by the potential of someone coming in on my act of environmental goodness, thinking, instead, I was simply taking for my own requirements (which we sometimes do, and I shouldn’t even be ashamed at the idea, bit it is a bit embarrassing being caught routing through rubbish).

There are often things left in the recycling room, whether it be clothes, furniture or electrical goods. I’m sure a fair amount of furniture gets claimed be fellow residents, less so about the TV’s, CD players etc. It would be very useful if the previous owners could attach a post-it to the their discarded goods, letting others know if something is in working order, or (if not) what the fault is. Within the last few months I’ve seen four TVs, and even the environmental impact of one of them being reclaimed is considerable.

On a positive note, Lotten, our neighbour below us, seems to have got the wheels of motion turning for a communal compost to be installed in the recycling/rubbish room. Details are scarce just now, but the very fact that the idea is being discussed is a step in the right direction. Well done, Lotten.