A Moving Experience

This weekend has been absolutely full-on, with our moving flats in just two days. I have been packing, packing and packing, looking after my daughters, and looking after Jo.

Jo had a bicycle accident this week, and broke her foot. Luckily, she had already done a bit of putting stuff away in boxes, but there was a lot left to do, and she was pretty much unable to help, much to her dismay and frustration. So the ball was passed to me, and it is thanks to our friends Mark and Alex that I sit here this evening with a reasonably easy two days ahead of me. They may not think they did much, but just going out to get more moving boxes saved me valuable time.

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things to do. I cannot entirely agree, but this weekend has shown me how capable I can be if needed. Three cheers for me!