Music For The Masses (Except Me)

I have always been under the impression that signing up to endure newsletters (in particular, music-related folderol) being sent to me would give me a certain edge when it came to being in the know about events and concerts; it appears I am woefully naïve.

Play! is a symphonic reconstruction of videogame music (stop smirking at the back) that has been touring America with some succuess. This prosperity (or, perhaps, lack of funds) led to a Play! newsletter’s proclamation a month or so ago that they were to come to Stockholm in the middle of June.
Receiving said newsletter, I immediately clicked on the enclosed link, sure in the knowledge that I was among the first to be privvy to this tantalising tidbit (illiteration is the lowest form of script, you know). Frantically clicking further with palms sweating, I was confronted by a Swedish booking agency that brazenly apprised me that the concert was sold out.

Psychologists are right: first comes denial, followed by anger; paridoxically, psychologist are wrong: anger is followed by acrimony.

I am seldom remiss in checking my mail. I am quite certain I read the newsletter either when it arrived in my inbox, or when I turned my computer on first thing in the morning (being early, since I am on paternity leave).

So I am baffled by the whole event. I can only gain consolation knowing that it was a crap concert: there was only a fifteen minute standing ovation.