Freya’s First IUP Talk

I’ve just got back from Freya’s nursery school where Jo and I had our first Individual Development Program (IUP in Swedish) meeting with Freya’s teacher, Janet.

We’d been asked to fill in a form prior to the meeting, to include questions and thoughts about Freya’s development; this was a very difficult task for us. In the end we managed to put together five or so ideas on paper, though none of them major.

Janet informed us that Freya is a fantastic little girl with a personality to match (as well as parents – Janet’s words, not ours). She is calm, well-liked by all (including the older children), and manages to be independent where others give up (when putting on her clothes, for example). She’ll try, and is curious about, everything.

She can take initiative and decide herself if she wants to be a part of someone else’s play, though can sometimes be dominated by those who are, by nature, more dominant. When someone comes along and interupts her puzzle-playing she can just walk away and find another activity to engage in.

Jo and I both agree that this is actually a good thing. We know she can stand up for herself, but it is not always desireable or necessary to do so. Neither is it Freya’s problem that such incidences happen, and, as long as the guilty party is confronted about his/her behaviour, we see nothing wrong with our daughter’s choice. In fact turning the other cheek is a personality trait we are more than willing to encourage.

This is Janet’s last week at school. Selfishly, we wish Janet were to stay, but understand her need to develop as much as we do Freya’s. Janet has been wonderful, taking care of Freya’s skills, and keeping an eye on the vegan (and sometimes not) food she gets.

Thank you Janet, for being there for Freya and us.