Piracy Insured

The war is already lost. The film and music industry will demand sacrifices, nonetheless, though their attempts are pitiful. As if trying to make a point that ANY amount of illegal filesharing is worth the fight, several “pirates” were convicted and fined this week for sharing one film and four songs between them.

Coming to their aid is delaut.se, who insure filesharers against such fines for a minimal monthly fee. A one-month packet costs £1.50, while a year’s insurance is £9.

This type of organisation isn’t the first in Sweden. Planka.nu is a similar idea for those willing to shirk payment on public transport. For 6 months of protection one pays about £35, less than the cost of one month’s legal travel. Tagen.se is another such site for drivers who get caught for speeding

It surprises me that these type of ideas do not become illegal. Planka.nu has been in operation since 2001; however, with the newly elected Moderates taking power from the Social Democrats, this may be a short-lived

Interstingly, planka has about 600 paying “members” per month, whilst the nascent delaut about 2000.