Showing Freya Yoda

It’s about time I joined the throngs who, because of lack of content, include a YouTube video on their site. This not only makes me look like I actually have something to offer to the outside world, but gives the impression that I’m hip and know what is hot on the “Internet”.

Anyway, Jo has started work on creating Freya’s Yoda costume for next week’s Halloween party, which takes place at Freya’s nursery school. Freya has been reluctant to try on Jo’s work of art, so we’ve been showing her what/who Yoda is. The best place to do this is YouTube, and I found this little gem that is an Easter Egg on the Revenge Of the Sith DVD.

This is one of the first entries I’ve written that will no doubt be obselete in a few years when:

a) the above video gets deleted because of copyright infringement.

b) YouTube gets closed down due to copyright infringement.

c) Google (who recently acquired YouTube) get bought out by Microsoft, who then make it impossible to embed any video in any non-Microsoft software.

d) Technology advances enough to make the quality of this video look even more laughable than it already is.