We Met Lassie

In town today we happened upon a CD-singing by 80’s pop-icon, Kim Wilde. Jo was more a fan of her than I, but my curiosity convinced Jo to go and take a look.

Behind the real-life Kim were several glossy posters of her, advertising the newly released CD she was signing. She must have been doing far too many of these signings because the poster-Kim looked to be in a much better physical condition than the real-life one.

Sitting-Kim has put on more than a few kilos, and looked botoxed to boot. She looked reasonably bored, though this may have been the chins and neck-fat talking, but the money queue snaking through the shop for her signature must have alleviated the boredom.

Jo took an obligatory picture of her. The quality is so-so, which, surprisingly, neither detracted nor added to my opinion of her appearance. Still, that’s another celeb crossed off our list.