A Signature Could Change My Life

I was called in to the headmaster’s office today, to “renew” my contract. It was, apparently, something that the school’s insurance company wanted, but it fulfilled another purpose.

My new contract is a temporary one (two years), which is now fully legal, since I am working without a teacher’s exam. This also means that they can, at any time, get rid of me. This is, I believe, an important point.

I think the school is having economic problems, and is trying to decrease the amount of employees to survive this crisis. They have already dismissed a few, and I feel that, when/if the time is right, I shall be one of the next to go. Not because I’m a bad teacher (that much even I know), but that I can be easily replaced by the class-teachers.

When I was presented with the contract I made an unusual choice: I signed, fully conscious of the situation. I had decided, in the short space of time I was given, not to take away the contract and ring my union. This I did because of a gut-feeling.

For a while now, I have wanted to get the education needed to be a fully-fledged teacher, but I have had problems getting the correct information from the university that deals with teachers’ education. Each time I have been in contact with them I have been given different advice, so i eventually stopped asking, knowing that I was safe in my current employment.

My choice to sign a potential death-warrant has now allowed me the opportunity to get off my arse and study, should the worst happen. Which actually may not be the worst at all. Also, if I am given the sack, I shall know that the school does not really appreciate the hard work I carry out, and it is just as well that i do not work for them.

All in all, I think this is a gift. Either way I win, with a temporary loss (economically).