An Attempt At Socialising

We’ve just had a visit from Rich (the father of Freya’s school friend, Ester), who came over to watch the Wolves v Sunderland match on TV. He’s a West Brom supporter, but geographically and alphabetically the two teams are brothers. I suppose this, with the added delight of an evening’s drinking, became the excuse he needed.

As it turned out, Rich chose Guinness as his poison, and quaffed three cans during the evening. I, only wishing to be sociable, kept pace with some 7.5% lager. I could easily have stopped at two, knowing I was to drive the next day to pick up a free washing machine, but I was the host, and the atmosphere was good.

Next morning I felt a bit rough. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol or an oncoming illness that has now kept me away from work (this is being written on the Tuesday after). I did my best, under the circumstances to tidy up, and it was only then that I noticed the Guinness was 3.5%. I had been consuming the same quantity of beer as someone who had been lightweighting it.

Despite my regret at needlessly overdoing the alcohol it was a really enjoyable evening. We refrained from talking endlessly about our daughters and their school, instead finding other areas of combined interest to discuss. Perhaps the most intriguing of all Rich’s confessions is his ability to perform some hip-hop dance moves (did he mention spinning on his head?), which he has promised to show us on another occasion.

Roll on, next time!