Teeth (And A Bit About Eyes, Or Eye)

I came back from putting Freya to bed this evening and saw Jo in front of the computer watching a Java advert about toothbrushes; this is on a Friday evening, mind, and so near Christmas – Eek!

Thankfully, she was searching for a decent electric-toothbrush for our daughter, and when I say decent I mean Spongebob Squarepants or Dora.

Apparently, and I had no knowledge of this prior to this evening, there are singing toothbrushes for purchase in this techno-fixated world we live in today, or, at least, toothbrushes that play a tune after two minutes’ use. Personally I think Jo is making it all up, but I want, must, believe such a product exists.

Talking techno-shite, I think the world needs a wi-fi toothbrush that feedbacks information to your computer, which then shows a wickedly detailed 3D picture of your teeth, pointing out how effective your brushing has been, at the same time indicating which areas need more attention. Maybe even playing a little tune?

Incidentally, talking of facial parts, I’ve noticed my right eye is shrinking. That’s the impression I get, anyway, and I’ve heard that this kind of thing happens with age. Every time I rub my (right) eye I hear a squidgy sound emanating from it, suggesting a small vacuum (due to a possible ocular shrinkage) filled with liquid.

As long as my eye does not plop out onto the floor during a lesson I’m not unduly worried, though.