Friends Reunited

The end of my summer holidays is looming closer, and I haven’t written a thing that has happened over the last one and a half months. There is so much to write about I don’t think I’ll be able to work through the backlog with enough time to do the whole period justice, so I’ll just summarize a few of the more interesting happenings over the next few entries.

Meanwhile, Jo and I have recently succumbed to the social networking site that is Facebook. It was only a matter of time before we signed up to one the various social networks out there, and it was an invitation from Ralph that got us hooked. And we are hooked.

Thanks to Facebook I have finally found two people with whom I had lost contact: my best friend at secondary school, Mike, and his brother, Adrian. As well as spending many evenings roaming the local area with Mike, we all lived and worked together in 1987, at their parents’ then recently purchased pub in Shropshire.

It just remains to catch up with them and the other long-lost acquaintances I have found through the site. This, in itself, is quite a feat, considering the gap of between ten and twenty years history we need to exchange.