12th Level Elk Fooled By 30th Level Backpack

It’s not often, certainly not in the general media, that video games get seen in a positive light. It was nice, then, to see Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, report the recent elk attack on a 12-year old boy (there is a link here, just be a bit patient).

Hans Jørgen Olsen and his sister were out in the woods in the north of Norway, when an aggressive elk started to chase them. Hans’ sister ran, but plucky Hans tried to scare the animal without much success, as the elk continued the chase, eventually horning him in the backpack.

As the unfortunate, exhausted Hans lay there, probably thinking about the probability of such an event actually occurring, his mind turned to World Of Warcraft. Said Hans:

When you become level 30 you learn the skill “Feign Death”, so that’s what I did: lay down and played dead. After a little while the elk went away.

I wish I knew enough about WoW to make some witty comment here, since it’s begging for it, but I can’t. Damn my lack of time.