A Much Needed Holiday

A week’s holiday could not have come at a better time. This last week I have felt the stress of working in a school that has rules, but no set of consequences for breaking them. After putting up with a whole deal of lack of respect I am finally away from it all.

Once again a long period has gone by without my posting any entries. It’s not that I’ve not had any decent ideas to write about, rather an inability to formulate myself and a feeling of having so little time to do it. I suppose the second explanation of my absence from the blogging world is due to stress, and I hope to rectify that in part over the next few days. I shall, as much as possible, become a single-task being, concentrating on one task at a time until I feel that task is complete.

And with that I shall finish off this entry and go and make the bed. Oh, sweet holiday, how I have longed for you!