Happy 40th Birthday To Me

Today is the anniversary of my fortieth birthday, which is celebrated accordingly in Sweden with cakes and big presents.

I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday cake, and Jo did a fine job of making a three layer strawberry & apricot affair to last us the year out. It actually felt a bit strange getting cake and blowing out the candles, as it did to have a few friends over to eat said cake and homemade pizza.

Jo had secretly arranged for Janne, Lotten, Edla and Chris to come over for dinner. It was a little bit overwhelming, in fact. Also, I think, because it is midweek I’d been expecting a quiet, early night. I wasn’t quite up for so many visitors, though I’m still glad they came.

The presents I received were absolutely spot-on. I’d been given a few items that were on my Christmas wish-list, which included The final Harry Potter book and a Fred Perry polo-shirt; the Harry Potter book is a bitter-sweet gift, since it marks the end of a long journey; the Fred Perry is an item I’ve been wanting for a while, and harks back to my Rude Boy era of the early eighties, when a white Fred Perry, black Harrington jacket, white socks and loafers were the order of the day.

The best present, one which I’d been expecting, was the Nintendo Wii. I’d not asked for anything else, despite having ideas about a bigger TV or a flat-screen monitor. The Wii was the obvious choice since a) I haven’t yet bought into this generation’s consoles b) the whole family can enjoy what the Wii has to offer.

I’ve been given an option to chip the Wii, which I don’t think I’ll be taking up. Firstly, I don’t wish to contribute to the piracy that is rife in the gaming industry, and, secondly, it feels like it won’t be a Wii, but a bastardized copy of one. I know it sounds strange, and I do not really expect anyone else to understand, but I think I’ll keep my virgin Wii.

All in all I have had a marvelous birthday, and I thank Jo and my friends for making it so.