Class 5s’ Special Week

Back to work today, after a week’s respite, and I can’t say I’m particularly happy about the prospect. I was, however, quite interested to get the 5th year’s National Test underway, as I’d been planning their week for a while now.

We started with a light breakfast in the dining room at 08.20 this morning. About 25 of the 40 children turned up, to munch their way through cheese sandwiches (I should be, and am a little, pleased that they got anything to eat, a fair number of them not having breakfast at home), but it did seem a bit on the stingy side. No milk to drink (what am I saying!), and no thought for those who are allergic to milk products.

We then went for a quick 10 minute walk up the road, and up the hill. The idea was that this would give the pupils some fresh air and exercise to get the brain working, as well as having time for them to ask any final questions about the day/week, rather than having them ask in the classroom just before the test.

The actual test (part one of five) and accompanying papers took the whole of the morning, as planned, and I think it all went quite well. The aim of this “special treatment” before the exam, which they shall get tomorrow and Wednesday, is for them themselves to feel a bit special, that this is “their” week. Even if they do not do as well as they’d hoped (which most of them will), the whole experience should be an enjoyable one.

I’m not looking forward to the paperwork created by 40 tests, which just comes at the worst time. Classes 1 – 5 are just starting their parent-talks, which requires me to write something meaningful about the 150 children who have English with me.