I Think I Just Got A Good Job

There was an announcement on the website of Swedish publishing-house, Natur och Kultur, the other month, asking for people interested in the English language to work for them on a freelance basis. While they produce all kinds of books, this particular post was for their School text book section (if one such section actually exists). I applied, and, after much communication and sending them past work and stuff, I got a green light for an exercise I was asked to do for a class 8 textbook.

This is madness, just in itself, but I was asked to a meeting today to talk about another project. It appears that two authors of a series of English schoolbooks called Spotlight have apparently been unable to continue working together; they wanted me, along with another Brit, to write the non-existent year 5 Spotlight books.

I have to write that again: they want me to co-write a book to potentially be used in schools across Sweden.

That is absurd.

I just have to make sure that my co-writer, Fiona, and I don’t end up hating each other, and that we can complete the first unit in the book to NOK’s approval, and I should be a published writer.

I shall save any further musings until this insane situation is nearer realisation, but it’s all quite exciting, nonetheless.

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