The Fly Incident

We are up in J√§mtland on our annual holiday, and I’ve just been part of something that for many would be a once in a lifetime experience.

The family were at the local “byakamp” (where teams from local villages compete in a sort of pentathlon type thing), and were sitting outside having a few drinks. A fly landed casually on my arm, walked about a bit, and then departed, leaving a very small poo in its wake.

I have never studied fly-poo before, but I am almost certain that is what it was. Maybe it had contracted leprosy and left behind one of its feet or a chunk of abdomen, but it looked round and definitely poo-like.

I feel slightly violated, or at least degraded by this event. Flies do not understand the niceties we humans expect of each other, and it was only doing what comes naturally, so I feel no malice towards a creature that is probably now long dead; however, being literally shat on is unpleasant, however it occurs.