What Blogging Is Not About

It is not about over three months of silence. Life has taken over, instead. It’s a shame that it gets in the way, but I suppose I shouldn’t complain. It does, though, nag at me that I have been quiet of late, something I hope to rectify.

Zelda is now nine months old, and time is flying by. She is as sweet as I could have imagined, a truly wonderful being to have in our lives. Freya is loving and proud, too. The usual milestones have been passed: saying “Mamma”, mouthing a fish sound when asked, as well as knowing what a microwave says (beep, beep, beep).

Her love of water is almost fanatical, splashing around ecstatically like a wind-up toy when we go to swim-school; her love of tasting new food is wonderful to see, especially loving an apple and lentil soup that Freya and Edla made the other day.

She’s started to walk around with our help, and a few weeks ago she started crawling; she eats everything she picks up from the floor, something we never experienced with Freya.

Children are brilliant.