Spotlight Continues

It’s been “official” for a a few weeks already, but today it was made even more real: I’ll be co-author of another English school textbook.

I was at a meeting this morning with the book publishers, Natur och Kultur, to meet a couple of teachers helping us complete the workbook to accompany Spotlight 5. The textbook is ready to print, and Fiona and I (being the authors) will soon take a look at the workbook, editing it as necessary.

We were also there to discuss Spotlight 6. We’ve come up with a few ideas for characters, and the grammar we wish to take up. This time we’ll have about a year to complete the book, unlike Spotlight 5, which was finished in a mere 6 months. Our editor said that we performed an impossible task, taking half a year to do what we did. An exaggeration, but nonetheless appreciated.

So, once again I am to undertake a challenging, but extremely rewarding, task. The enormity of what I am doing has kind of sunk in, yet it is still madness that I, of humble origins and no proper education, have been given this job.