Dora Beaten By Freya – Ironically Without Violence

Freya has finished her first ever video game on her own. Dora The Explorer – Journey To The Purple Planet. It was hardly the most cerebral of games, being linear and very forgiving, and it’s not her first time playing, either. Oh, no. Since she was about three years old she has been drawn to the Nintendo DS, and has many games which she likes to try out now and again. We’ve played together for many, many hours, and have completed the odd game or two, but this is the first time she did it with almost no help. Once she’d learnt how to save the game the only times I assisted her was when she could not hear what instructions Dora was giving.

I’m currently waiting (and so is Freya, with baited breath) for Singstar Abba to arrive, which will be our next family adventure in video games, although, in fairness, Singstar is more karaoke than gaming experience. Our newly purchased wireless microphones are lying pathetically in the Guitar Hero dual guitar holder that I received for my birthday.

I hope it arrives in time for Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest qualifier. The two go hand in hand.