Laughing my Arse Off – A Taste Of Metaphors

Oh, I am on a roll tonight: three Metaphors before I’ve even started.

I’ve been reading a few books about language and linguistics recently. I’ve vaguely contemplated a stand-up comedy routine using the subjects – a few ideas have popped into my head – but I don’t think the world is ready for it. Unless comedy is broad enough to cover the unfunny, that is. But I do have a joke. Well, more of a witticism:

I hate metaphors: they get on my nerves.

While the tumbleweed rolls past, I just found out that there are many forms of metaphor. There’s the active metaphor, the complex, compound, dead, dying (of course), and so on, until everyone falls asleep (oops, another metaphor, probably the dead variant).
Not many people care about them, though, and understandably so. But it makes me happy. Except when it comes to metaphors. Grrrrr.