Tempus Fugit

Over a month has gone since my last entry. Every time I start up Firefox I am reminded of my inability to update the blog. I have things that I’d like to write, but I am simply uninspired or unwilling to spare the time to do it. Which is a shame because the whole jonjo thing is mainly for my daughters’ sake.

In my defence I have been keeping myself busy. Having two offspring is a worthwhile expenditure of time which does take up a fair slice of of, what would otherwise be, free time. And then the writing of school books has demanded a certain amount of my consideration. Tidying up also detracts my attention from inscription. Honestly, by the time I could be doing what I’m doing now, I’m usually ready to lounge with a glass or two of red wine.

But tonight I am without alcohol, with nothing on TV to jostle for my attention, and without any school-book writing to do. I finished proof-reading the second book yesterday. I await further instructions from my editor – I expect few – and so I am freed of one obligation.

I have been better at organising myself of late. With the thought of all the things I needed to do (or should be doing) constantly eating away at my stress level, I finally reached a point where I told myself that I required alleviation. My new routines are far from perfect and still need working on. I still feel unnecessary stress at certain points throughout the day. In general, though, there has been an improvement.

The next step in getting my life in order should logically be a restructuring of the evenings. These are the most valuable moments during the day, and could be where I become efficient enough to make a huge difference. All it requires is a modicum of self-discipline. Hmm, not sure I lke the sound of that.