Goodbye Car

For a few years we had the use of an old Volvo 740, given to us by Jo’s brother. Throughout that time we made good use of it, even though it required necessary fixing now and again, which put a dent in our non-existent savings.

We recently said enough is enough after troubles with starting a day before we were to go to the north of Sweden for our Christmas holidays. The solution to the problem may have been easy and cheap to fix – we never enquired – but it was one outlay of money too many for us to contemplate taking it in to a garage. Instead we found a free service to take care of our (un)trusty automobile.

So it with a modicum of happiness that we live without a car. Apart from the never knowing when it would break down or something would break, it means I do not have to worry about receiving parking tickets. Irritatingly, we live in an area just outside the city limits, and there are no tennant parking spaces available. Instead, the only “safe” way to park is to pay a ridiculous amount a month for the garages below the flats: something which we are loathe to do, since we could get three parking tickets a month and still be paying less than a proper parking space would cost.

So, thank you, car, for shuttling us and our goods around. We appreciate all you have helped us with.