Hotel Life

One of the benefits of Jo’s work is that she can get discounts on hotel stays. We have not been so good at exploiting this, though yesterday was an exception. Yesterday, the whole family stayed at the Clarion Hotel Sign.

A normal booking costs about 1500 crowns, though we paid a far more respectable 200. As if this were not good enough, we think we may have got an upgrade, living in a very cool triangular shaped room, which made it more luxurious.

Needless to say, the children loved it, exploring every nook and cranny, taking baths, using the hairdryer and showing a sudden thirst when they saw the minibar. They aslo enjoyed a trip to the fabulous restaurant, Kyoko, where we indulged in home made tofu and vegan meatballs.

This morning we talked about a visit to another Clarion hotel. I (we) cannot wait.