Kladdvent 2012

Jo has been interested in street art for a year or so, collecting pictorial memories from around Stockholm before it disappears, thanks to the current political view of noll tolerance. The month of December has given her a special reason to wander around the city, though, as a group of street artists use Stockholm as an advent calendar.

The idea is that every day at around lunchtime, GPS coordinates are released, revealing the destination of a newly designed piece of artwork. Anyone who sends in a picture to the group’s website has a chance to win a special prize at the end of the Chrimbo period. The more pictures sent in, the greater the chance to win.

This afternoon, Jo went to mingle with the artists and other “competitors”, with the hope of earning first prize. She has been most diligent, only missing a couple of days, and on many occasions she has been first, giving both extra chances at the final prize, as well as the occasional gift left by the artist.

As I write this, Jo has just returned from the mingle with a bag of goodies: a diploma, a book about noll tolerance, and a rather nice orange and black stencil of August Strindberg. It would be fitting to end this post with a witty, relevant quote from the Swedish playwright, but I can’t find any.