A Few Things About Computers

Sitting in front of the computer whilst on our holidays in the north of Sweden, trying to think of a post to break the ten month silence. Finally, I settle on the world of computers. To be exact, the current state of personal computers and the like in my vicinity.

The connection that Jo’s mum has is, at best, laughable. After a quick test, I am apparently running at a speed of 0.1Mbit. And it shows. And feels. Every page takes an eternity to load, and cause more frustration than I wish to experience from surfing.

Good news, then, that I took an iPad from work for the family to use over the Christmas period: Good news, also, that Zelda received a (second hand) mini PC from Santa this year. And well done, Dad, for forgetting that mini PCs do not come with a CD/DVD drive. In my defence, I had to order the product with just a few delivery days left, and did not think through what I was doing. Actually, that is poppycock: had I have had a month to send off the order, I would not have realised the obvious.