To Blog Or Not To Blog

When this blog was started, some nine years ago, the idea of its existence soon became apparent: to leave a diary of sorts to my daughters. I could have kept a log using the traditional pen and paper, though I was taken in by the technology at the time.

As the years have gone by, my entries have become less candid, with many of my true thoughts discluded from the texts I have written. Not wishing to be paranoid or appear conceited, but prying eyes may be one’s downfall, especially in a medium that has a tendency to remain eternal.

On the other hand, pen and paper never had the official status that a blog does. It all feels a little bit too private, which is ironic since the blog has only really been aimed at my offspring, for their perusal when they are older. After all these years, the buzz of using a new technology has definitely worn off, and I often find myself missing “important” updates or scratching my head trying to format them in a way that is interesting.

Now I have a new method of recording my opinons and observations open to me: video. We have had a decent tablet for a few months, which has good quality recording functions. Perhaps it is time to look into that possibilty. It is certainly more private, and without doubt more personal.