Back For A While

Over a year ago I wrote what I thought was to be the last post of the blog. My interest in keeping an online diary had waned and I did not feel as if I could write what I truly wanted to. Simply put, I felt censured by the eternity of posting something on the internet. I also felt as if time was against me, and putting effort into this site was stealing time away from my free time: family, writing school books, playing games, watching films and TV series. The list of alternatives to blogging goes on, but collectively these activities are called life.

We recently received an email from Jack, whose company hosts this blog, asking us what we wanted to do with it. I had originally considered saving a pdf of the posts I’d written, then closing down the site. I am now reconsidering this option. Jo wishes I would continue to write, and Freya has just recently expressed an interest in having a blog to noted down her adventures in Star Stable, an online game she has been playing for over six months now. While I am unsure she knows what she wants the purpose of the blog is to be, it may be wise to develop her interest in technology and writing. So the blog remains.

The question is, though, what I shall do with my decision to keep this site alive. When I take a cursory look at the last year without blogging, I realise there is a lot (and I mean a lot) that has occured, much of which is worth digitalising for the future. It would be a fantastic memory for the family to revive my scribblings. We shall see what becomes of

For the moment, anyway, I am back.