University baby

Today (hm.. more like last wednesday now..) Freya and I went to the Stockholm University to do the second and last session at the linguistic institution. We, well Freya rather, have participated in a study about “the language-world of infants”spädbarnets språkvärld“.
In Freyas case, they have with eye-tracking tried to see how well infants can pick upp knowledge of a language.
I got a go at it myself and it was interesting to realise how hooked up I got about trying to figure out “the solution” since the language used was a made up one. The pressure on succeding the test got me a bit stressed and the expression ” learning old dogs to sit..” got explained quite clearly.Old habits or in this case a learned association is very difficult to break.
Freya though had no problem whatsoever.
It is going to be very interesting to see what results they come up with.