Have seen them around and read about them for while now, today I finally had the opportunity to try them out myself. Ahhh … RIB are a brilliant method of transport! This particular one went 50 Knots, roughly 90km/hours for you not so familiar with boat-speed.
50 knots is actually a quite fast speed when you are without safetybelt and in an open air!
I strongly recommend trying one when the cruiseships are leaving Stockholm, you are able to enjoy the high-jump opportunitys in madness.
1 and half hour later I, unwillingly, got dragged off to end the evening with a fantastic dinner at Bryggan.
I just have to enter more work related competitions with wins like this!

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We saw Coldplay tonight, with our friends Aleks and Jo. I went along because Jo wanted to go, not grudginly, but not exactly expecting to enjoy the show too much.

Just before the gig, we found out that Goldfrapp were supporting, which whet my appetite a bit. Whilst I do not consider myself an energumen of their music, it was enough to get my interested in seeing the evening’s show.

It was only after seeing Coldplay that I realised that I like them. Their songs are sufficiently depressing to suit my style, and the melodies in their songs appeal.

Goldfrapp performed well enough, without any real stage presence or show. Certain sounds they use came across well live, but the overall feeling was one of distance and nervosity.

I appreciate the way Coldplay handled ticket-sales. After my disappointment with Depeche Mode, it was nice to see a limited amount of tickets for the show made available through having already subscribed to the e-newsletter. This only applied to those who had subscribed before a certain date, cutting out the possibility for ticket-touters to make economic gains from the offer.

The true identity of Mr Beep

Since we received our new telephonenumber in Gröndal about 10 months ago we have against our will got a new friend named Mr. Beep.
Mr Beep has always been an early morning-, or a late night-caller, preferably on weekends and he has never given up calling us with the Beeeeeeeeeep….Beeeeeeeeeep….Beeeeeeeeep until we actually pulled the telephoneplug.
To finally find out who this mysterious person was I started an investigation and found out that he actually was an old faxnumber to a company called the Resource-team. After calling this company up for a “chat” Mr Beep have actually stopped calling us and guess what, now when he´s gone it HAS gone very very quiet. Have I just neglected a friend that really cared??