The End Of A Football Career

On 14 May 2007 I became manager of Stockholm Wolves, through an online football management game by the name of Hattrick. After many seasons, and with some success, I have decided to throw in the towel. I still enjoy the game, but it takes away precious free time from real video games, of which I have not spent enough time with recently. There are a number of unplayed PS2 and Wii games that have been sitting in the cupboard for a long time, and I’d prefer to spend time with those than in front of the computer, working out formations for the coming matches or searching for new players.

Thanks Hattrick, and goodbye.

Hattrick Press Release #12

Wolves Prepared For Sunday

Wolves fans showed displeasure today at Jon R, as he spoke candidly about the coming league match against The Goalmakers.

“We are not going to win, end of story; even coming away with a point will be a most unlikely scenario. I’d be happy if we scored a goal against what is a very strong side.”

“I am amazed at The Goalmakers current league position. I thought they would be in the running for promotion. Still, three points for them this Sunday may give them the boost they need.”

Hattrick Press Release #11

Wolves Speak Out

This Sunday Wolves, currently 4th, meet 3rd place Zorken FF, and Jon R was unusually confident at a press conference today.

“Zorken FF have played 4, with 3 matches being against inexperienced teams. Their league-position is inflated by this, but they now face six consecutive very tough games.”

“I’m confident this will play out as we expect, and we’ll come away with 3 points.”

Jon R will not want to eat his words, as fans agreed a victory this weekend is both necessary and definite.

Hattrick Press Release #10

Fans Nervosity Assuaged

Jon R was seen a happier man after Wolves’ 3-1 victory over MM,M yesterday.

“We managed to get two early goals, which gave us the confidence to play the rest of the match at our pace. We lagged a bit in the second half, but the lads kept it together, despite our having had the wrong training tactics for a few weeks.”

“It was an important win today. MM,M had already won their first match, and we were bottom of the table after ours. Two defeats would have been a bad situation to play from.”

Hattrick Press Release #9

A Tough Weekend

Wolves are gearing up for a difficult match with MM,M this Sunday.

Manager, Jon R: “There have been a few changes in their team, with a stronger defence, especially central defender Josefsson, who will cause our attack problems.”

“It looks to be a much improved team than last season, and I’d put money on it being a very even, and tough, match. Formation could be the deciding factor.”