Hattrick Press Release #8


Wolves had a set-back today when newly-signed goaly, Cas Deelstra, was injured in a friendly this evening against Årsta.

“It’s a set-back that hopefully won’t set us back too much”, said trainer, Craig Carbone.

Manager, Jon R., was equally vocal, “This set-back won’t set us back in the long run, but it’s a minor set-back to our economy.”

One fan outside Årsta’s arena declared, “Despite the injury, I don’t think it’s a set-back in the long run.”

Hattrick Press Release #7

An Important Victory

Wolves’ head honcho, Jon R, was seen to be in a good mood this afternoon after a surprising result against MM,M.

“We had a few injured players back, which gave us the edge in midfield. Despite MM,M’s constant attempts down the middle we held them off and attacked at every opportunity.”

“I didn’t expect 4 goals, and I feel for MM,M’s boss.”

Wolves goaly was injured late in the match, and Peter Island, defender, filled his boots.

“Peter is rubbish as a goaly”, said Jon R wisely.

Hattrick Press Release #6

Wolves Become A Pack

Blond Spaniard, Carles Perramon, waved emphatically at the cheering Wolves supporters this evening, as he entered Trent Park for a visit to the toilet. Luckily, he was also there to sign a contract, giving Wolves further defensive clout.

Manager, Jon R, remarked, “The team is starting to shape up, thanks to finding a couple of hundred thousand crowns behind the coffee machine.”

Perramon remarked at the signing, “I know I am currently injured, but I’m sure I’ll be fit in a few years.”

Hattrick Press Release #5

Wolves Add Another Dane

Wolves have secured the Danish defender, Nis Fink Jensen, in the run-up to the new season. Manager Jon R said this evening, “I’m happy we managed to stay up, despite all odds, so now it’s preparations to make sure we continue as we finished, with victories in the last two matches. Jensen should add another chain in the already strengthened defence.”

He continued, “I’m just back from my holidays. While I’m pleased with our success, they occurred with little input on my part, just phone orders.

Hattrick Press Release #4

Wolves In Radical Clearout

Craig Carbone, the 54-year old American, has been appointed manager today, in a shocking turnabout.

“We must start thinking about next season, and Björn just did not fit in with our plans”, announced Wolves’ manager, Jon R.

“It’s great to be in Switzerland”, said Carbone to a puzzled Swedish press. “Whilst I’ve never heard of Stockholm Wolves, I’m reasonably certain they know some of the rules, like not picking up the ball with your hands unless you’re a goalkeeper, or if it’s a throw-in.”