Hattrick Press Release #3

Manager Expresses Hope

Despite today’s 5-1 defeat at the hands of current league leaders, Namslag, Wolves’ manager remains optimistic.

“Our centre-forward, Perek, scored an important goal, our first of the season. We are obviously doing something right. Nobody expected us to win today, and I believe the change in line-up is already beginning to reap rewards.”

Kazimierz Perek was celebrating his first goal of the season, but was less emphatic. “The ball hit my head and it went in the back of the net”.

Hattrick Press Release #2

New Manager Starts Restructure

This evening saw the purchase of Danish veteran, Knud-Erik Thorup, in a bid to strengthen Stockholm Wolves’ lackluster defense.

“There is much to do to make Stockholm Wolves a contender for promotion. Whilst it is late in the season, we felt it important to give the team a boost to encourage the support we so desperately need,” said Wolves manager at a press conference tonight. “We have few players to fill the wingback position, and Knud-Erik has the necessary experience.”

Hattrick Press Release #1

New Owner

The recent change of ownership to Stockholm Wolves has seen an expected turmoil that has amounted to three consecutive losses. Whilst fans are debating the change, management is working hard to get to grips with the club.

Attempts at acquiring new players is currently underway, with the hopes of bringing a few seasoned faces to an eager, though inexperienced, team.

Relegation looks likely, but the boss says “give us time and we’ll turn around the team”.

At present I have 112 members in my supporters club, so the aforementioned debate was probably more like a chat with tea and biscuits.

The Referee’s Still A W*****

Another loss suffered by Stockholm Wolves today, making a 100% failure on my part as a coach to date. I can still console myself with excuses of n00bness, which are nonetheless valid.

I have downloaded a free statistical analysis program that give more figures about my team than an accountant sees in a decade. Hattrick Control has shown me that my first match player positions were completely ridiculous, so, with this newfound information (and let us not forget, information is power), I hope to avoid too many more 5-0 losses this season.

I am, as the hints and tips page of Hattrick suggested, holding back on spending out too much money on players. The last thing I want to do is suffer bankruptcy within a month of receiving my account. I look forward with trepidation to my next (mid-week) match, a friendly against Kristoffer, the sports-teacher at my school that turned me on to the game.

The Referee’s A W****r

The football team that I’ve just started managing played their first match under my command today. We (Stockholm Wolves) were playing at home, in the Trent Park arena, and had an attendance of 1857; that isn’t bad for a newly put-together club, though I suspect many came to support “hästhagen steelers”, our opponents for today.

We lost the game 0-6, a result which does not do justice to our goalkeeper, Stefan Hjalmarsson, and his ability between the posts. The loss was expected, and I shall reserve any judgement about my managing skills until I have got to know the boys.

Hattrick is the place to visit to sign up for your own team, and challange other players (and sometimes bots). It’s visually quite basic, though there appears to be a fair amount of thinking and tactical decisions to be made to make real progress.

Here’s to my first victory, whenever that will come.