Dancing Baby

Freya has been improving her dance-steps these last few weeks. Not only can she swing her pants to all kinds of music, by bouncing up and down, but she has now combined that move with a hand clap on the thigh.

To selected music – preferably hard trance/NRG – she is perfecting the hands in the air move (or more correctly the pointing finger in the air).


´Om du tror att din insats skulle vara
för liten för att för göra någon skillnad, försök att
sova i samma rum som en hungrig mygga´

´If you think your contribution is too small to make a difference, try sleeping in the same room as a hungry mosquito.´


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University baby

Today (hm.. more like last wednesday now..) Freya and I went to the Stockholm University to do the second and last session at the linguistic institution. We, well Freya rather, have participated in a study about “the language-world of infants”spädbarnets språkvärld“.
In Freyas case, they have with eye-tracking tried to see how well infants can pick upp knowledge of a language.
I got a go at it myself and it was interesting to realise how hooked up I got about trying to figure out “the solution” since the language used was a made up one. The pressure on succeding the test got me a bit stressed and the expression ” learning old dogs to sit..” got explained quite clearly.Old habits or in this case a learned association is very difficult to break.
Freya though had no problem whatsoever.
It is going to be very interesting to see what results they come up with.

Max 500

Oh, how I have waited! Yesterday Kent´s new single was released and I have now legally bought/downloaded it. It has now been played numerous of times and yes, depressing and brilliant! That of course beeing my humble opinion.

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